Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dating Limerick

This happens once or twice a year,
Where things are incredibly clear.
You look at your life,
and say "I need a wife."
But do nothing and sit on your rear.

Well, finally this day has come.
The one that you've been running from.
You stand up and say,
"I'll do something today!
But what?" and feel kinda dumb.

to be continued . . . (feel free to suggest your own verse)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I would strongly recommend this guys blog.

So I was purusing the web of blogs connected to mine, catching up on all the new happenings of my close friends and reminding myself of the year-old posts that my former-blogging friends have posted. Its kinda fun to see whose blogs I can find. I had no idea that some of my friends even had blogs until I spent the early hours of the morning clicking random links.

But the thing that inspired this post is what I found on a blog that had my blog in the links section. It read "N'Importe Quoi - This guy is amazing!" I was flattered! My friend was telling her blog audience that I, a man she didn't marry, was amazing! I didn't know what to say . . . until I realized that that wasn't her comments about me.

It was the title of my most recent blog post. Man, I felt like a fool. After dealt with this needle popping my ego inflated head, I realized that I could use this to my advantage. If I continue to title my posts appropriately, I could get some free advertising and some potential new readers!

If you made the same mistake that I did, would you mind commenting - just so I know if my ingenious plot is working (and so I don't feel so vain - if other people make this same mistake, then I know I don't have an overly healthy self-esteem).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This guy is amazing!

So this guy was on so you think you can dance. He ended up dropping out because it wasn't his thing but he is absolutely amazing. Check this out -

And here is a commercial he did with IKEA. Awesome stuff!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fainting Goats??

These are the coolest things ever. I thought that I wanted a dwarf goat but no, I want one of these. A whole herd! I would have so much fun all the time running out into the field with noise-makers and watch whole groups of these guys collapse. I might even give up video games! Now my mom knows what she wants to get me for Christmas! :D

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Diet Pepsi Auditions

So I had a very nice break from my cleaning tonight. Elisa and Jessica from my ward visited and we looked up some old pepsi commercials. They showed me Brittney Spears and I found the one that I remember very well from my childhood. It was a commercial during one of the videos that our family recorded off of t.v. and I think I watched this cassette more for this commercial than for the actual movie. The version on our VHS is actually the shorter version of this one but I kinda like this longer one better - probably because there is more of what I love from the one I remember. So without further ado, I give you . . . "The Diet Pepsi Auditions."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best/Worst of Life

I promised everyone at Paige's Birthday Bash that I would find the trailer for "that troll movie" that I was trying to explain. Well, I found it and here it is. It's called "Troll 2" and it's known as the best worst movie ever.

Great isn't it?

Speaking of best and worst, I finally have a class of my own at work. It's great to be able to hold my own classes but the structure of this place is killing me. They have these regulations that I need to enforce but they haven't explained them to me at all and my two bosses are both out of town for the week. So class started yesterday and I had to make do with what I had. It went really well though. I just feel that it all is just so unorganized (they even have me going through their lesson to correct the many errors - some lessons are even incomplete and I have to come up with my own homework questions). I just hope this is a one time thing because if I have to do this again in the fall, I will be doing too many lesson plans between this job and my teaching practicum. Maybe that is where the trolls come from in the movie - people had too much to do so they hired umpa-loompas that rebelled and went mad. That could be an excellent sequel to Charlie and Chocolate Factory.